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Baby Born With Foot In Brain

Posted on 19 December 2008

The doctors thought they were removing a tumor form the newborn’s brain. To their surprise, they found something completely different: an entire tiny foot and parts of another foot, hand and thigh.

According to the BBC, doctors at Memorial Springs Hospital for Children in Colorado Springs, CO, made this discovery while operating on 3-day old Sam Esquibel in October.

Experts believe this is a case of “foetus in foetu,” where a twin forms inside its sibling — though this rarely occurs inside the brain.

Sam is now fine and recovering, with only a small scar as evidence of what happened. It may be years, though, before he can tell us if he keeps hearing footsteps…

Note: image is a stock photo, so don’t freak out.

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Hitler: History’s Worst Case of Overcompensation

Posted on 06 December 2008

So lonelyThe rumors have been confirmed: Hitler had only one testicle. The monorchic monster lost one of his ornaments in World War I, according to the medic who saved Hitler’s life. (A classic example of good intentions gone horribly wrong.)

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Ancient Stoner Unearthed

Posted on 06 December 2008

Ancient Chinese Secret?Archaeologists in China’s Gobi Desert have discovered the 2,700-year-old remains of a nomad and his special stash: 789 grams of well-preserved Cannabis sativa (aka marijuana)…

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From Mice to Mammoths: The Cloning Craze Gets Prehistoric

Posted on 09 November 2008

Woolly Mammoths (from Wikimedia)Ready to see giant furry pachyderms roaming the plains?

Japanese scientist Sayaka Wakayama has successfully cloned mice from cells frozen for 16 years. That could open the doors to reviving history in a big way…

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Yeti or not? “It’s not a bear” say scientists

Posted on 25 July 2008

Mande Barung illustration from BBCIt stands ten feet tall, covered in black and gray fur, and lives in the dense jungles of northeastern India. Villagers have seen it lurking behind the trees and have spotted its claw marks and massive footprints. They call this ape-like creature “mande barung”…

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Severed Feet Spook Canadian Villagers

Posted on 29 June 2008

Somewhere out there are five bodies missing right feet.

The small Canadian island village of Gabriola has been thoroughly creeped out by a morbid discovery — make that, discoveries: five shoe-encased feet that have washed up on its normally peaceful shores over the past year…

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Honey, There’s a Python in our Toilet!

Posted on 20 June 2008

You’ve heard of “pipe dreams” — how about “pipe nightmares”?

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to take a leak and finding this in your toilet: the head of a snake. A living snake. Attached to six feet more of living snake…

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Care for a Glass of Fermented Tiger?

Posted on 10 June 2008

If you’re in China this summer, and the heat gives rise to a mighty thirst, just visit one of the local wildlife parks for a nice tall glass of tiger wine…

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Mooning Can Be Hazardous To Your… Um… Health!

Posted on 04 June 2008

For a group of young men in Utrecht, Netherlands, it started out as a lark. On Sunday morning, they decided to run down a commercial street with their pants down, mooning all the passersby. Then one of them saw a temptation he could not resist: a cafĂ© window…

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Wearing High Heels Causes Schizophrenia!

Posted on 01 June 2008

Everyone knows that the sight of a woman in heels drives men crazy. Now one scientist claims that those heels may also drive the woman wearing them schizo…

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