Courtney Kozak

Courtney Kozack: Courtney is a veteran freelance journalist who has reported on world affairs and fashion for numerous media outlets, online and off, including the award-winning but short-lived Southern Caribbean Alternative Monthly. She received her BS in Journalism at the Grenada School of Communications (go Spice Doves!), where she also minored in Presentation Arts. Courtney currently calls the Florida Keys home, but the demands of her career usually find her spending ten months of the year on the road. “Although I basically live out of a suitcase, I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. Just the people and animals I’ve met make it so worthwhile.” When not working, Courtney devotes her spare time to saving the indigenous flora and fauna of the Caribbean, including the manatee, the red mangrove, and the rare spotted conch.

Theo Chuckerson: Theo has worked as a rogue investigative reporter ever since he received his certificate in Conspiratorial Science from the Institute of Theoretical Epistemology in Copenhagen, Denmark. There, he also launched the Institute’s student newspaper, “The Roving I,” where he first learned of the “Mermaid of the Yangtze.” He then signed on with The Worldwide Scoop to uncover more anomalies and conspiracies, which he will attempt to divulge despite challenges from certain agencies and secret societies. (He will certainly never forget his encounters in the Egyptian underground.) Since then, he feels compelled to identify himself as a reporter wherever he goes with his hat and vest.

Kimmee Slohkin: A professionally trained actress who has appeared in numerous commercials in Japan and Sweden, Kimmee first came to our attention as a feature story in The Worldwide Scoop Episode 2. There she professed her interest in marrying her dog. Critics responded by accusing her of a publicity stunt — and it worked. The media-savvy Kimmee was offered the post of Interspecies Affairs Analyst at The Worldwide Scoop, and will be covering humanity’s relations with animals, aliens and other unhumans. In her spare time, Kimmee continues to pursue her Hollywood dream.

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