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Severed Feet Spook Canadian Villagers

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Somewhere out there are five bodies missing right feet.

The small Canadian island village of Gabriola has been thoroughly creeped out by a morbid discovery — make that, discoveries: five shoe-encased feet that have washed up on its normally peaceful shores over the past year… Read the full story

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Man Boobs Banned?! Video Episode 2: People Who Totally Lost It

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In our second episode, the Worldwide Scoopers give you the scoop on Hitler’s astrologist, an actress who’s gone to the dog, and one seaside village that’s finally had enough of man boobs…

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Welcome to The Worldwide Scoop

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Some say life is what hits you when you’re not looking. So we’ve launched The Worldwide Scoop to keep an eye out for you. The Worldwide Scoop is dedicated to uncovering news of the paranormal, the abnormal, and the quasinormal. Tenaciously independent, The Worldwide Scoop covers stories that the mainstream media considers too bizarre or too foreign, no matter how true.

In addition to written scoops, our commando-reporting team also produces exclusive video scoops that will be posted here and disseminated throughout the web. To make sure you don’t miss out, check out The Worldwide Scoop often. And if you hear of something we might have missed, please email us: scoopmaster[at]theworldwidescoop[dot]com.

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